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code from class 11, 12

here’s code from class 11 (various opencv advanced examples) and class 12 (using warpIntoMe and ArToolkit / fiducial tracking):

class 11 /  class 12

happy hacking!

code from class 10

here’s fixes for the color tracker:  opencv_colorFix
and code from class 10  (simple blob and face trackers) :

code from class 9

color / text / face : class9

(note — I’ve update the color tracker code since there was a bug in 0.06… should be all good now)

code from class 8 (opencv presence and motion)

here is presence and motion detection code from class


code from class 7 (opencv intro)

this is the intro to openCV code we covered in class.  Please have fun experimenting with it:   class7

code from class 4

here’s code from class 4 which includes blurring and kernel oprations on neighboring pixels (by hand) and the postscript output example.  class4

code from class 3

this is code from class: class3

it contains some basic statistics stuff, the introduction to sorting and averaging.  Also, I’ve included a more advanced example of sorting (and averaging) that reassembles an image by breaking it down into pieces, finding their average, sorting them, and reassembling them:


Picture 7

code from class 2

this is code we went over in class.